How to Value Bet Profitably

A good rule of thumb is to bet near half the current pot. Learning what others think of you and acting differently than people would expect is a good way to make it harder for people to know what you have. You’ll have to learn not only the tricks that exist, but you’ll also learn when to use them, how to maximize them, and how to identify who will call and who will fold. As you learn to observe your own play, you’ll learn what your opponents will think of it, and how to adjust to your image for maximum benefit.

The reverse is true of course, that as you observe them, you are also being observed. First of all, you must observe, study, and know your opponent. If you bet too much, your opponents are likely to fold without giving you any more chips. If players often fold, but never when you bet, you don’t have any respect and it means that people think you play too loose. If you look weak, your opponent will call more often and beat you more often. The only good value bet is one where an opponent doesn’t know that it was a value bet. This type of play takes a lot of experience to master.

Learn to bet the right amount especially on the river. This will help you identify who will likely fall to what tricks and plays.

If you want to maximize your profits at the table, you must learn to incorporate value bets into your strategy. If you can do this, you will be a better value better.. If its available, use the note feature of the poker room to keep track of who is loose or tight, who is passive or aggressive. By carefully observing the habits of your fellow players, you’ll learn to recognize the difference and will learn when to call and when to fold.

Of course, your poker will only improve with experience. It entails reading your opponents and showing them the right face to make them assume what you want them to assume. Learn to observe not only your opponents but learn to also observe yourself through the eyes of an opponent. Many players will recognize it as a value bet, but it can also appear as bluffing.

Betting on the river means you either feel you have a great hand or you want your opponents to give you credit for a great hand. This is especially true when you’re playing in a poker room where you’re likely to see the same opponents often

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