“I’m not pro sports gambling. I’m just a realist.”

But Adam Silver has proved otherwise. In September 2014, citing a loophole in the Department of Justice’s language about violations to PASPA, Christie issued a directive to legalize. Regardless of public positioning, all the leagues are actively planning for a new gambling reality. “I am very sensitive to people thinking that I’m not understanding of the downsides,” he says. “My greatest concern,” he says, “is that there will be, in essence, a hodgepodge of regulations controlling sports betting that will vary from state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and will make it increasingly difficult to monitor betting on our very own sport.”

And so after taking over for Stern last February, Silver wasted little time implementing his approach. Does it become a vehicle for betting, which may in effect change the atmosphere in the arenas?”

But multiple sources with direct knowledge of meetings between the leagues believe the NHL is much more open to legalization than Bettman’s comments indicate. Once again, the leagues sued and won. Specifically, New Jersey Gov. Attorney Harris Fischman examined major U.S. And when it did, it was not subtle.

The NBA’s pivot point on legalized gambling appeared in a Nov. Congress should adopt a federal framework that allows states to authorize betting on professional sports, subject to strict regulatory requirements and technological safeguards.”

The timing of the column, of course, was calculated. In some areas of Australia, for example, sportsbooks pay fees to leagues based on the gross revenue made off the wagering of the games. gaming laws, including PASPA and the Wire Act, which prohibits any betting activity that includes wire transmissions. 16 Gambling Issue. “But I view myself more as pro transparency. The title of the exercise? “As Close as You Ever Want to Get to a Federally Prosecuted Sports Betting Trial.” In it, Assistant U.S. The move made sense to many in New Jersey, where ailing gaming and racing industries were causing financial strain. And publicly, it did. The best way for the league to monitor our integrity is for that betting action to move toward legal betting organizations, where it can be tracked. The other leagues have — at least publicly — not wavered from their anti-legalization stance after the op-ed. And someone who’s a realist in the business. “In light of these domestic and global trends,” he wrote, “the laws on sports betting should be changed. “Then we began getting approached by sports-betting companies outside of the United States, where it’s legal, to do business with them. District Judge Michael Shipp ruled in favor of the leagues. team owners. All of them have assigned people to study the issue intensively.

” — NBA commissioner Adam Silver Nine months later, on a cold January afternoon on the 19th floor of league headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, with Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing” playing, Silver is loose and joking, all the while being prepped for his cover shoot. He’s relaxed, though not unguarded. (One study by Nevada gaming company Club Cal Neva projected a possible windfall of $50 million for Atlantic City casinos if betting was legalized.) But the leagues — the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB — and the NCAA sued, claiming that the state was in violation of PASPA and that the perception of the integrity of the games would be damaged if New Jersey began taking legal bets.

U.S. In 2013, $1.05 billion was wagered legally on basketball, combining the professional and college levels. “Yet at the same time, we were opposing the New Jersey legislation in multiple court actions. In those meetings, sources with direct knowledge say, contingency plans were formed in preparation for the day sports betting is legal outside of Nevada.

When asked about the support he’s getting from other leagues, Silver says, “I have talked to the commissioners in the other leagues about it, and I leave it to them to make any public statements they want to make on it. There also have been other, more private confabs involving high-ranking advisers to the leagues. “I recognize that it can be very damaging to a person or a person’s family, just like other substances of potential abuse taken to extremes. And the NHL and MLB are both currently partnered with daily fantasy sports operator DraftKings.

In the meantime, Silver is willing to take the lead on an issue that some liken to the legalization of marijuana — socially acceptable but mostly illegal. Just 88 days into his tenure as NBA commissioner, on April 29, 2014, Silver banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling in a four-minute proclamation on national TV, his willingness to stand alone in full view.

“I have talked to the other commissioners about it.

The Donaghy revelation became the ugliest gambling scandal to hit an American professional sport since at least Pete Rose’s banishment from baseball in 1989 and perhaps since the Black Sox threw the 1919 World Series. While the NBA is still fighting in the courts to keep New Jersey from setting up its own sports-betting operation, three other states (New York, Indiana and South Carolina) have introduced similar bills this year, and a Minnesota state representative, Phyllis Kahn, has told ESPN that she’ll be introducing a sports-betting proposal early in this legislative session.

A united front among all the leagues would certainly help Silver’s cause for a federal solution. She was represented by Ifrah, while David Deitch, a former Justice Department attorney, represented the government. You don’t have to be a cynic to think that the leagues and their owners want a piece of that very big betting pie.

Leave it to Mark Cuban to be frank about that aspect of the NBA’s support for legalization.

The opportunity for additional streams of capital from sports betting can’t be lost on U.S. Or on Silver, who gained extensive knowledge of foreign revenue models during his time overseas. And in New Zealand, sportsbook giant TAB paid more than $5 million last year in commissions to the leagues it takes wagers on. In 2009, the then-commissioner told Sports Illustrated, when asked if legal sports betting would be in the NBA’s best interest, “It has been a matter of league policy to answer that question no. In March, two NBA attorneys attended a mock sports-betting trial put on by gaming attorney Jeff Ifrah at iGaming North America at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. But the state didn’t give up. “We have always known betting, fantasy leagues and daily [fantasy] sports have driven interest and viewership,” wrote the Mavericks’ owner in a recent email exchange with The Magazine. Actually establishing a legal framework is another. In that dark moment, the NBA could very well have hunkered down and waited for the dawn. But you can bet all interested parties — the other leagues, the states, the bookmakers, the bettors — are following the developments as closely as they would a point spread.

. Chris Christie, who in 2012 began pushing to legalize sports betting in his state by challenging the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992, the federal ban on state-sponsored sports betting. It studied and researched and planned behind closed doors before it made its move. “As someone who attends an enormous number of games, I’m often hearing fans talking about it,” Silver says. As we became more of a global company, I began to think about what our policy should be here.”

His time overseas coincided with the Donaghy scandal and the revelation, as Silver puts it, “of how important it is to have a way of monitoring irregular activity in our games.” He adds, “None of the systems we had in place had captured any betting by Donaghy.”

Stern began thinking along the same lines. MLB declined to comment for this story, and the NFL refused to even reiterate its anti-legalization stance. “We’re still in the monitoring stage,” he says. So were politicians. commissioner to publicly support legalized sports gambling. I’m glad Adam is putting the hypocrisy behind us and putting it all up front.”

Cuban has suggested that one way of monetizing that interest is to charge sportsbooks and casinos licensing fees to use the league’s data. That’s when Silver says he began to realize the need for a response. On the one side are those who tell you that’s the way it’s always been done, and on the other are those who urge you to change and adapt.

The bald 52-year-old man in glasses and a conservative dark suit doesn’t look like an agent of change — especially with the 1970s soul music playing in the background on the set at a recent photo shoot for The Mag. In 516 words, he diagnosed the reality of sports betting in the U.S.: Federal and state laws are not stopping anyone from betting. “Even if they’re not betting, they’re highly aware of the betting line and over/unders.”

Fans weren’t the only ones talking about it. Included in the forum, which wasn’t open to the public, were talks with law enforcement officials, gaming regulators, addiction specialists and even a former student-athlete caught up in sports gambling. In September 2012, the NFL convened a forum in collaboration with other pro leagues, the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA to discuss best practices, law enforcement resources and the gambling industry. I needed a forum to make it clear.”

In November 2011, New Jersey voters had overwhelmingly approved a referendum to legalize Las Vegas-style sports betting at racetracks and casinos across the state. Billions of dollars are being illegally wagered on sports, almost all online. The case is headed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals this spring.

Through it all, Silver has remained steadfast that legal sports gambling should be addressed first on the federal, not state, level. That’s the pragmatic approach.”

The evolution of Silver as gambling realist in many ways began in 2006, after he took over the league’s international operations as deputy commissioner. Subscribe today!

THE NBA’S DARKEST hour can actually be marked by a single moment, concentrated down to the uttering of a sentence. I will say that certainly all of them … “One of my concerns is that I will be portrayed as pro sports betting,” he says. But the timing of the op-ed allowed him to address another seeming hypocrisy: Just one day prior to its publication, the league announced a deal with a successful daily fantasy operator called FanDuel, which boasted some $621 million in entry fees last year alone. It saw how all that interest, as well as action from illegal offshore betting sites, fueled NBA fandom, and it realized it needed to have a seat at the table — the better to monitor and monetize those burgeoning passions. “I felt the need to explain why I had made other statements acknowledging that I thought sports betting should be legalized,” Silver says. He spent time overseas growing the NBA’s brand, giving him a vantage point to see how legalized gambling worked in other countries. “The league and many of our teams are actively engaged in the so-called daily fantasy business,” Silver says. … But that’s not to say he and the NBA are the only ones re-examining their approach. have assigned people in their organizations to study the issue intensively.”

PERHAPS THE BEST Silver can hope for from other commissioners is a new view of sports betting as a possible “frenemy.” It is tricky, after all, for the leagues to embrace something they’ve long denounced for its impact on the “integrity of the game.” It would also be naive to think that this is all about the sanctity of the results. Deitch prevailed.

In September, Silver told an audience at a Bloomberg sports business conference that expanded legalized sports betting in the U.S.

SPORTS IS AN ongoing contest between two forces: tradition and innovation. “I can tell you that this is the most serious situation and worst situation that I have ever experienced either as a fan of the NBA, a lawyer for the NBA or a commissioner of the NBA.” That was the lament of then-commissioner David Stern during a July 24, 2007, news conference announcing that referee Tim Donaghy was under federal investigation for betting on games. was “inevitable” because cash-strapped states need the revenue.

THEN CAME SILVER’S op-ed. “We did everything possible to encourage it while publicly condemning gambling. But I think that league policy was formulated at a time when gambling was far less widespread — even legally.”

With the proliferation of casinos and state lotteries, the instant gratification of the Internet and the boom in daily fantasy sports, betting was becoming part of mainstream America. “As we began to stage exhibition games in Europe and China and jurisdictions where sports betting was legal, it caused me to focus more on this than I had historically,” Silver says. “We have studied the New Zealand model and other models in other jurisdictions,” he says.

Studying models is one thing. One week later, the NBA was due back in court as part of its ongoing fight to prevent New Jersey from making sports betting legal.

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine’s Feb. Gary Bettman, the longtime commissioner of the NHL, told CNN in November after Silver’s op-ed was published: “I think there needs to be some attention paid to what sports is going to represent to young people. A 2007 letter signed by all general counsels of the major sports leagues and the NCAA, including NBA vice president Rick Buchanan, stated, “The harms caused by government endorsement of sports betting far exceed the alleged benefits.”

Privately, though, the league was watching — closely — as the Vegas market and legal daily fantasy sites were growing exponentially. That’s yet another reason I think it needs to be closely monitored.”

Silver says he hasn’t set a timetable for the day when we can legally bet on a Cavaliers-Heat game. The NBA deal also included an equity stake in the company. The “defendant,” “Ginger McKenna,” was accused of facilitating illegal sports bets. 13, 2014, editorial in The New York Times, penned by new commissioner Adam Silver: I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated. In England, bets can be placed on a smartphone, at a stadium kiosk or even using a TV remote control. “And while I wouldn’t categorize that as sports betting, on the continuum of no betting at all and legalized betting, it’s certainly on the spectrum.”

So it is, then, that for now, at least, Silver seems comfortable standing alone as the only acting U.S. The illegal market across sports? Try 132 times that — an estimated $138.9 billion, according to the American Gaming Association. It could have continued to treat sports betting as the enemy that for as long as anyone could remember had threatened the very fabric of the game

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New so-referred to as robo-advisers, like Wealthfront Inc and Betterment LLC, are Internet-primarily based companies that use pc algorithms to select investments and tweak portfolios over time, for annual fees that are as little as zero.15 percent of a shopper’s property underneath administration, in contrast with 1 p.c or more by fee-only impartial advisers.

That is such a hard habit to quit…. So despite the fact that the Browns have been enjoying effectively you have to be wary of QB with stats like that.

Contemplate if the decimal odds are 2.696, like they’re for those who’d bet on the Chicago cash line. I am additionally struggling from this sickness!…..however I never misplaced my hope!… They’re just there to take our cash.. Dee… Your child needs you, and the casinos (on-line or offline) don’t care. just take it every day. but we can do it. If the number is unfavourable, it represents the sum of money you have to bet so as to win one hundred BTC. By comparison, Gurley is ranked at forty one whereas Justin Forsett (Baltimore Ravens) is 53 and Frank Gore (Indianapolis Colts) is 60. The Browns dropped a troublesome 26-23 OT loss to the Broncos final week while the Rams had been on a bye. Join Betin Kenya to wager on soccer, tennis, basketball, athletics, hockey and far more. So now not solely does my spouse have management of my cards I have now banned myself from the casino. Football Outsiders has Williams ranked at forty five in DYAR (protection-adjusted yards above substitute). The key to recollect with decimal odds is that they all the time embrace your stake. sometimes shortly, however certainly. Hopefully that can now do the trick. From Roulette to Blackjack and from Playing cards to Cube games we now have loads of leisure to make sure you will not get bored. Our On line casino is all the time open with your favourite games. and I have not gambled since.

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In his tenth season, Williams has seen a steady drop-off in play since Bell returned to the lineup. He nonetheless has 63 carries for 310 yards and an necessary zero fumble statistic

Betting Markets Present Simply How Badly Jeb Bush Was Crushed

Nonetheless, if blood is drawn by a high stick, the time will probably be counted as two minor penalties in a row. ePals – Collaboration site ePals gives a method for teams of students around the globe to be matched up and paired with different school rooms, and allows teachers to create their very own tasks or be part of one other class’ current ones.

The 2015 Wyndham Championship golf match on the PGA Tour is going down this week from August 20-23, 2015, on the Sedgefield Nation Membership located in Greensboro, North Carolina. With Infosys’ chief government S. The 49ers defense looked really good in Week 1 as SF easily beat the Vikings 20-three. High Sticking is a 2 minute minor offense. Here is a listing of the betting odds for the PGA golfers to win this week at the 2015 Wyndham Championship.

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Brian Hoyer performed horrible for Houston in Week 1 but Ryan Mallett got here off the bench and appeared fairly good. As a result of it’s decided as two minor penalties, if a aim is scored in the first 2 minutes, then the remainder of that 2 minute period is removed, and the second minor is started. Rangan Varadan started MicroGraam in 2010 after a 10-year stint at Infosys, India’s second largest IT providers firm. D. We provide information for many who need to revenue from betting, if you’re fascinated for making profit contact us. MicroGraam, which gets 1.5 p.c on each mortgage disbursed, is helping folks in states reminiscent of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. Shibulal among its investors, MicroGraam works carefully with non-government organisations (NGOs) to help people dwelling in India’s villages. We promote expensive data for not that vast sum of money, we also profit by betting on them.

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High-profile traders have poured money into each business leaders. The Panthers had little bother beating the Jaguars in Week 1 but they have been helped out loads by three turnovers. We give you guaranteed profit and satisfaction. In the case of a participant’s stick, they’re to at all times be in management. A protected soccer betting technique i use is betting at low threat and making a bit of cash at a time ,as enjoying on-line you may play the teams of your can choose any team to play waiting for the suitable odds on the right time and so on

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Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans. Followers puzzled why Titans owner Bud Adams courted Peyton Manning so ardently final spring. A Blue Print for success. As a substitute, he benched an accurate veteran with off-the-chart leadership expertise and turned to a young man who has thrown ten TD passes – and eleven INTs. In fact. It has the highest suicide price of all addictions and there are reasons for this. There may be an opinion in between these two that could be factual. With Matt Hasselbeck nearing retirement, it has turn into obviously obvious that Locker cannot be the way forward for this franchise. It was stolen in 1979. My Yamaki was my first decent guitar bought in 1973. Even if Joe Philbin was a disaster as a coach, it doesn’t suggest the Dolphins aren’t enjoying above their head right now. However, come recession or some form of a market fall and you would see everyone betting on bonds.

Large bets, enjoyable in the solar, and partying until daylight, Vegas is a good place to take a quick weekend journey to get away from it all and it doesn’t have to come back with an uber expensive price tag. Perhaps not, however it’s doable the Dolphins aren’t as good as they have proven themselves to be over the last two video games and Joe Philbin was terrible at his job

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Tags: Adidas Superstars, Adidas originals Forest Hills for sale UKTop 5 Gift Items For Her On New Year By: manishdutt – The article deals with various gift ideas for women on the occasion of New Year. The F1 cars are considered the fastest cars in racing circuit with a racing speed of up to 360km/h. The result of all the races of the season is combined to declare the champion. Pneumatic systems are highly efficient … Its quite natural then that as they grow, and understand the technology and its use, they head for the more sophisticated toys, which includes the fast racing games on the computer systems and xboxes or even any hand held devices. Of course, you cannot go out without something that will make even your feet catch peoples attention, especially in … Formula 1 complete motor sports drivers are required to be holders of valid Super License, the highest class of racing license issued by the FIA.. This motor sport is the highest class of single seater auto racing sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

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Based on a set of rules or Formula that each participant car has to follow, the F1 season consists of a series of races, or Grand Prix held on purpose-built circuits and public roads. The online books detail on how the aerodynamics, electronics, suspension and tyres of this machine help it to gain speed. Speed, which the wheeled machines give, is what pumps their adrenalin up. Right from the time, boys are of age to distinguish between the toys, the wheeled ones always excite them. Tags: Pneumatic actuator, Pneumatic actuators, pneumatic systemsAll We Ever Need To Know About Led Downlights By: Rosario Berry – Conventional lighting is fast being swopped out for LED (light emitting diode) lighting options. Buy books online and read through to experience the electrifying driver’s seat of the dream car and discover the fast and furious world of Formula 1. The Formula One Motor Sports is one, which glues the boys to their seats.

Formula One has been thrilling its fans, while endangering the lives of its drivers, since its inaugural season of 1950, in the sports traditional base, Europe. Tags: LED downlight, LED downlights, LED lighting, LED lightsChoose The Right Running Shoes For You By: vikram kumar – Getting fit is the new trend nowadays. Besides, it takes one under the bonnet of the top pf the line formula 1 cars from BMW to Toyota to understand the insides of these speed machines.

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With the Grand Prix moving to India, and the F1 race organized at Jaypee’s Buddh International Circuit (BIC), Greater Noida has tickled many Indian youngsters dream to drive the speed machine. Tags: cricket accessories online, cricket equipmentsGet Baby Diapers Online To Give Your Little Bundle Of Joy The Best By: Susan Crasto – Baby care products like baby diapers is best when brought from any online shopping portal.Tags: Baby Diapers Online, New Born Baby ProductsAmazon India Fashion Week By: manishdutt – The article talks about the recent fashion event Amazon India Fashion Week. It also talks about the 5 most popular ones in detail and gives vivid descriptions … FIA Formula One World Championships are given one to the Driver and one for the constructor. A lot of people have started to feel conscious about their weight, which is a good thing to prevent obesity and other weight … One of the main reasons for this move is the huge reduction in ele … These books actually steers one through the crazy budgets and nail biting finishes of the sport. Books such as Formula 1:The definitive visual Guide, Formula 1 Injected Fact Book, Formula 1 Official Guide, and Burning Rubber: Extraordinary Story of Formula 1 is quite informative.

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Single seater auto racing is every boys dream. Tags: gifts to India online, New Year gift ideas, gifts to herA Run Down To Best Seafood Restaurant In Pune Is A Must By: Susan Crasto – Pune or Bangalore, either of the cities is considered to be an ideal choice for people who are craving to relish on some mouth watering seafood.Tags: Best Seafood Restaurant In Pune, Best Seafood Restaurant InBuy Necessary Equipment From Cricket Accessories Online Stores By: Pen Name jemmyjack – The game of cricket became popular when people from the royal families started to play this game in this after coming back from the foreign country where it was pl … Tags: LED desk lamp, LED desk lamps, smart LED desk lampsConverting Energy With High Performing Pneumatic Actuators By: Rosario Berry – Supporting a wide range of applications, pneumatic actuators are the workhorses of transmission power and expansion power.

When Did Led Desk Lamps Get So High Tech? By: Rosario Berry – Continuous product development, investment in facilities and human resource training in the design of LED desk lamps is indeed providing us with an astonishing ran … Tags: New Balance shoes, Newbalance shoesOutfit Of The Day: Don”t Forget The Shoes By: vikram kumar – No outfit can be complete without footwear. It discusses in detail the various fashion trends that have been shown here.Tags: fashion sarees, buy Indian sarees online, Indian ethnic wear, best online apparel store in India, Amazon India Fashion Week



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To understand more about this great sport, one can browse through book stores for details of the Formula 1 complete motor sports books. Also referred to as, Formula 1 or F1, this sport is officially known as FIA Formula One World Championship

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Sixty four teams start out in the tournament and they play until there is one team left. It is definitely one of the most exciting periods of the year for sports.

. Those teams will have a lot of crazy and loyal fans because they are the hometown favorites. Another popular term is The Big Dance.Number one seeds win over 50% of the games they play in the tournament.March Madness Basketball Tournament ExcitementHow To Pick Winners in the March Madness Tournament

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Additional Tips for Making March Madness Bracket PicksTry to keep upset picks contained to the first couple of rounds. There are sports shows dedicated to their pick strategies along with analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the various teams and players in the tourney.

Here Is How The NCAA Basketball Tournament Works:

There are four divisions with 16 teams in each division. When there are sixteen teams left in the tournament there are called the Sweet Sixteen. Some teams will have a natural home field advantage because they are located at venues nearby the school. They keep no profits.The term March Madness has been used since 1939. The underdogs rarely make it to the Elite 8 or final four. Over 85% of the top seeded teams advance in the first and second rounds. Pick in terms of those with the best odds of winning according to events of the past.A Great Video That Captures The Spirit of What Is March MadnessInteresting Facts About The March Madness Tournament You Probably Don’t KnowOdds are over 9 Quintillion To 1 of picking every winner correctly.All winners of the March Madness tournament get to keep the actual board from the court where the championship was played.The NCAA takes all the money they make from the NCAA tournament and reinvests it in the schools and conferences that participate. Use that fact to help you make your picks. These teams are often led to victory by the strength of one player.When selecting between two teams, choose the one that has more experience in the NCAA tourney. Fans spend time making bracket selections at the office, online or with friends. We have a bracket pick contest in our family every year and that is exactly how my 10 year old niece picked her and won the whole thing.Pick according to themascots. If you have a favorite team or one that you have been a loyal fan to all season could make your picks easier to make.Look at the location where the games are being played. The energy from the fans often propels their teams to victory.Sports Books or odds makers are pretty accurate when they make their odds. You dont have to be an expert to pick the winner of each game. Sometimes this strategy works just as well as any especially when teams are a toss-up. Keep in mind though, that the favorites dont always win.Pick your personal choices just because you like them. You dont have to have a lot of skill or even know what youre doing to any degree. It is a great way to pass the time in March as we look forward to the coming of Spring. These rankings are known as to how they are seeded or ranked within their specific region with 1 being the top seed and 16 being the worst. The winners of those games are called the Elite 8 and then the Final Four play in a semi-finals game leading up to the championship.

The games are electrifying and the enthusiasm seems to grip the nation for just three weeks of exciting action. Wherever you are during March madness time, all conversation seems to revolve around bracket picks and how your bracket is doing. Each game a team wins allows them to go on within the bracket. Its a fun way to pick especially when you dont know a lot about basketball but you still want to play in the bracket pool.Pick the teams that are favored (the ones with the lower seed numbers). It is a very exciting time for the players, coaches, fan and the media.

Bracketology is a term that was coined to name the process of predicting the winners in each of the brackets. Choose which one you like best between each team. The odds are in your favor to pick the favorites. Leave teams that are seeded #13 to #16 off your bracket. Choosing the one that has been to theMarch Madness

tournamentbefore will be better at handling all the pressure.Read a guide that that analyzes historical data of how far seeds advance in the tournament. You can even flip a coin to predict the winners of the NCAA basketball tournament. They win less than 15% of the time. A #16 team has never won a first round game in the history of the tournament so that can help you make your choice in at least four games.

Picking the winners in the March Madness is not a science. There are always upsets. It definitely is a type of madness that takes over.

March Madness Strategies for Picking Winners

10 Ways To Help You Predict The Winners Of Each Bracket

Any team can win although some have a better chance than others. This is another good way to pick teams when you are undecided. Each team is ranked according to the expectation of where they will end up within their specific bracket or region. Sometimes all the hoopla surrounding the games can interfere with a teams overall focus. This is a great strategy to pick teams because when a team has things rolling, they often keep it rolling and maybe right into the final four.Pick by team colors. Every team has acolor schemefor their uniforms and school. What Is March Madness?A little bit of history about the NCAA basketball tournament.

Every year in March the NCAA hosts a tournament for all of the premiere college basketball teams for both men and women. Do you like the Wildcats or maybe the Buckeyes? The Jayhawks, the Hoosiers or the Irish can be amongst your favorites. The key is to pick the upsets at the right round. The original 64 teams lead into 32 teams, 8 teams remain within each bracket. People take time off of work to watch the games. Use that information to help you make good picks especially when you have an 8 seed playing a 9 seed.Choose teams that have a player that is considered to be a Super Star. It is fun to play the brackets and to see how many winners you have.

Are there any strategies that work better than others? Maybe, but in the end it can be any teams tournament to win.

Pick the teams who have been winning because they havemomentumin their favor

Why would a Las Vegas sports book decrease your maximum wager?

If you can make an 8% profit betting sports (like a good professional bettor should be able to do) you’ll need to have a bankroll of half a million dollars to net a $40k annual salary. .

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Las Vegas sports books all smiles after day of ample NFL upsets

The Eagles won 33-27 in overtime.

Early in the day at William Hill, the Broncos, Packers and Falcons had attracted more than 80 percent of the money wagered on their matchups. That was the story across town: Las Vegas sports books cleaned up on a Sunday that saw heavily backed favorites such as the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons lose straight up.

The three popular favorites not only failed to cover the spread but also lost outright, which eliminated a lot of teaser and parlay bets, the books said.

The Indianapolis Colts’ 27-24 win over the Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers’ 17-16 win over the Falcons produced big wins in the afternoon.

Wynn executive director John Avello said a Cowboys cover would have been huge for his shop, but overall Sunday was a needed good day for the house after an up-and-down start to the season.

“We haven’t had a really good NFL year so far,” Avello said. “We’re almost 10-1 in money, long on the Eagles.”

Yet the book still enjoyed its most lucrative Sunday of the NFL season.

The MGM was looking at a “high six-figure” win on the day, if the Dallas Cowboys could have covered as three-point underdogs against the Philadelphia Eagles in the night game. Those games represented the three most lopsided games of the day.. The Tennessee Titans’ 34-28 overtime win over the favored New Orleans Saints was one of the books’ biggest decisions of the early slate.

On the final play of the Giants-Bucs game, New York cornerback Trevin Wade scooped up a fumble after multiple Tampa Bay laterals and returned it for a touchdown, which pushed the score over the total of 49.5.

The winning parlay at CG Technology included the New York Jets and New England Patriots money lines and the overs in Titans-Saints and Giants-Buccaneers.

“We had a big casino customer play the Eagles,” Jay Rood at the MGM said two hours before the primetime kickoff. “It’s been difficult.”

The unusual final-play touchdown in the New York Giants’ 32-18 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pushed the score over the betting total and cashed a four-team parlay that paid $80,000 at Las Vegas sports book operator CG Technology.

Jay Kornegay, head of the Westgate SuperBook, told ESPN Chalk it was “no doubt” his shop’s best Sunday so far this season, and the MGM, Wynn, Caesars, Station Casinos and Stratosphere also reported winning days.

The unusual final-play touchdown in the Giants’ 32-18 win over the Buccaneers pushed the score over the betting total and cashed a four-team parlay.Courtesy of CG Technology

Underdogs went 6-5 against the spread Sunday, with four ‘dogs pulling outright upsets

CNN – Halberstam: ‘Best American Sports Writing’ a window on century -

He was 32 and working in Paris for the New York Times when he read a piece of journalism that would change his life.

“(Sport) is a great window on society,” Halberstam says. The book also includes a special section of six stories written about boxing’s self-proclaimed “Greatest,” Muhammad Ali.

Now he’s paying tribute to some of the top sports reporting ever put on paper.

“I read that piece and thought, ‘I’m getting out of here,’” Halberstam recalls. Moehringer’s “Resurrecting the Champ” (The Los Angeles Times Magazine, 1997).

Halberstam says he believes bite-size offerings are one strength of “The Best American Sports Writing of the Century.”

“Take the piece by Bill Heinz on Red Grange, all sweetness and modesty, and fast-forward to David Remnick writing about Reggie Jackson and the monstrous kind of ego. Thompson and Jimmy Breslin.

‘A window on society’

Halberstam says the book is more than a sports fan’s guide to the century; it’s a reflection of ourselves as we grew as a nation through racial and political upheaval, the birth and influence of television and the never-ending quest for money, money and more money.

His most recent project was to serve as guest editor of “The Best American Sports Writing of the Century” (Houghton Mifflin), part of an annual series edited by Glenn Stout. The writers are an equally impressive bunch, the list including Red Smith, Bill Heinz, Norman Mailer, John Updike, Tom Wolfe, Frank Deford, Dick Schaap, George Plimpton, Jimmy Cannon, David Remnick, John Krakauer, Hunter S. Witness the onslaught of “Best” books — short stories, poetry, erotica.

‘He was such a magical figure’

Collections of writings by different authors seem to be growing in popularity. But it was more than just an insightful observation by Talese of a man who once was king of New York. It’s easy to assume our fast-food culture breeds a growing audience for brevity.

“You take a nibble at it and put it down and then come back a couple days later. You don’t have to read it all at once,” he says. It’s a very influential piece.”

The article was an Esquire magazine feature on Joe DiMaggio, written by Gay Talese. It’s followed by 57 articles spanning from Heywood Broun’s “Sports for Art’s Sake” (The New York World, 1921), to J.R.

In “The Best American Sports Writing of the Century,” Talese’s “The Silent Season of the Hero” is the first piece exhibited by Stout and Halberstam. “People ask, ‘Is it a metaphor for society?’ and I say, ‘No.’ But it’s a terrific window. “In the end, we ended up with something that was a pretty good reflection of the changes in society as well.”

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Reviewer: Book on Ali ‘interesting, but awkward’

August 31, 1998

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‘Kosovo: A Short History’ tells story behind troubled region

‘Slam’ star releases new collection of poetry

Halberstam maintains that he and Stout focused on the writing, not the subjects, save Ali.

The articles focus on legendary sports personalities — Red Grange, Joe Louis, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Dick Butkus, Walter Hagen, Secretariat and Tiger Woods. If you read this book I think you’ll get a sense of change in the society. Most of the things you’re arguing about in sports, sooner or later the politics of the society will reflect it.

Readers are treated to some memorable, if not the most memorable, victories and defeats in the history of sport, including:

Brad Darrach’s report on the spontaneous combustion of Bobby Fischer’s chess career Updike’s classic take on Ted Williams’ last at-bat before the Red Sox faithful William Nack’s wistfully energetic recounting of Secretariat’s run for immortality Tom Boswell’s crowning of Sugar Ray Leonard following his “No Mas” fight with Roberto Duran

The list goes on.

‘If you read this book I think you’ll get a sense of change in the society.’

– David Halberstam

“I think he was such a magical figure, so compelling a figure, he inevitably drew the interest of very talented writers,” Halberstam offers as the reason for the special Ali material.

Halberstam has since gone on to become one of the most respected observers of our time, penning sports books including “The Summer of ’49″ (reissued in 1997) as well as political jewels like “The Best and the Brightest” (1973, and a 20th-anniversary edition in 1993).. This latest installment, published in May, covers the century, an encompassing look at the development of sports writing that parallels the burgeoning popularity of sport in a large part of American consciousness.


Web posted on: Monday, June 07, 1999 12:05:23 PM EDT

By Jamie Allen

CNN Interactive Senior Writer

(CNN) — David Halberstam remembers it well.

“I think what we tried to do is get a reflection of all the forces that are at play, of the best writing,” Halberstam says. “I’m getting out of daily journalism because this is a level way above what I and everybody I know has been doing, and I want to try to do something like this. It was evidence of a new kind of journalism in blossom — a narrative process that read like a book and gave a reader the feeling that he or she knew the subject personally. It was 1966. I mean, it’s about sports, but the coming of bigger money, greater fame, more black athletes, all those things are blended in there.”

When you put together a book like this, one that claims to offer perspective on where we’ve been and where we’re headed, critics will be quick to note the lack of material on women in sport, or the fact that Michael Jordan — this generation’s greatest athlete and the subject of Halberstam’s own new book “Playing for Keeps” — is left out of this compendium